In Normal Other Covers Water Entry & Slight Bend :

In normal covers after few months , a slight (invisible) bend develops, which results in water settling on the cover itself. It will enlarge the gap between the plate and the frame which will result water entry into the tank /manhole pit.


Other existing covers are not exclusively designed for retail outlets hence lot of safety challenges!

a) Site users (customers) to be warned about opened manhole pit to prevent unnecessary accidents and vehicle fall & damage. (Even then near miss incidents keep happening at the sites)

b) In normal covers the cover can be removed by anyone i.e. Unauthorized opening using lifting hook, and there are cases in fuel stations where the covers are purposely stolen frequently.



SPECIALY Designed to avoid water entry by providing Imported Gaskets.

International exclusive design for fuel stations which easily visible while the tank manhole is kept open since the cover opening angle of 85 to 90 degree by the way it guaranteed to alert the customers ( safety measure ) No Chance for unauthorized opening and theft since it exclusively designed with dual Locking arrangements.

An exclusive & Special product designed for fuel stations, Marine application and other heavy industrial applications.

Neels Cover: 100% hot dip galvanized, NO CORROISON


FeaturesExisting Manhole coversNeels Advanced Manhole covers
StrengthNo strength testing or proper designing carried out Designed after study of traffic conditions and load tests carried out as per international standards
Corrosion ProofNot GalvanisedHot dip galvanised
Water proofNo provisions to prevent water entrySpecially designed to prevent ingress of water with special gaskets
Quality assurance.No quality controll.Locally Fabricated. Variation in the quality. Since each welding shops near each site leading to variation in size, quality of material, strength and life of the covers. Manufactured under strict quality control wrt dimensions, raw materials and fabricating procedure.
Tank SafetyDue to to damage to manhole covers(both structural and water ingress) the equipments inside the manhole chamber like Electronic level gauges, valves are damaged and this leads to stoppage of fuelling from the tank as well as costly repairs and replacements. Water proof, structurally strong so internal equipments are safe.
Quality assurance for thEntry of water in to the Under ground tanks is a frequent occurrence during monsoons and this leads to costly maintenance on the equipments as well as compromise in the quality of the fuel.* No such possibility due to the design of our manhole cover.
Ease of use
I) Excess manpowerMinimum Two very strong persons required to lift the covers. Can be easily opened by one person.(even A child can open the manhole covers)
ii)Human SafetyAccidental injuries due to unsafe methods of lifting and slipping and dropping of the covers. No such possibility due to the design of our covers.